AB-FHxxx series cameras Software Operating Steps
(The software is only compatible with Windows PC, all operations are only on Windows PC)

The camera is connected to a router or switch, and the camera power is connected. Install IPBatchTool and VMS software on the same router Window PC

  • 1 --- IPBatchTool Instructions
  • 2 --- VMS Instructions
  • 3 --- RTSP Instructions
  • 3 --- Mobile phone operation method

  • Software Download
    IPBatchTool, IP search tool, can easily debug camera function
    VMS LAN PC monitoring software

    IPBatchTool Instructions

    If you need to modify a function, you need to select the camera IP that needs to be modified. After the modification is completed, remember to click Apply

    1 IP Address It is recommended to choose DHCP, which can automatically be the gateway address of your switch or router


    Full Netcom Select IP adaptation
    3 Audio If your camera supports audio, you can adjust the volume
    4 OSD Display time camera name on screen
    5 Image IP cameras usually do not need to be selected
    6 Lamp don't change
    7 System Adjust camera language and time
    8 User The camera default name is admin and password is 123456
    9 Sync Time Set the camera to be the same as the local time
    10 Simple Reconery Restore simple settings
    11 Image Test Camera images can be tested

    VMS Instructions

    Start VMS software
    Name: admin
    Password: admin

    Select Add Device automatically,click OK-YES

    Camera IP has been added to VMS

    Click Home - Live View

    Double click the found camera IP, you can see the image

    Click Home - Device Config , click the IP that needs to be configured, and set the camera menu according to your needs

    Email alert setting method

    Click Device Config-Network , select Email , click Enable, enter your information, and then click Test , if the settings are correct, it will display TEST SUCCESS , and your email will receive a test email ,click APPLY -OK

    Click on video Detect - Enable
    Select the area and time according to your needs
    Enable Send Email and click APPLY -OK

    If the camera detects object movement, you can receive a warning email with a picture in your mailbox

    How to use RTSP
    Main stream
    rtsp://you camera IP:554/stream1

    Extra stream
    rtsp://you camera IP:554/stream2

    Mobile phone operation method

    Download Linklemo app from Apple or Google Store

    Create new account

    If you need to push the motion detection to the mobile phone, you need to open the push, click To Set


    Click Add Device

    There is cloud ID in the camera box, click scan according to the red arrow, scan the Cloud ID QR

    Enter any name

    Click on the image, you can enter the monitoring interface

    If the camera detects object motion, it will send a push message to your phone